There may be a new camera button on the iPhone 16

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According to reports, the new mechanical button—which is intended for capturing pictures and videos in landscape orientation—will be located on the bottom right side of the gadget. It might even be touch-sensitive so you could swipe to control the zoom.

According to a fresh report, this one from The Information, Apple is testing a new camera-focused button that will likely be on the iPhone 16 that will be released this year. The button may be on the lower right side of the iPhone, under your index finger while taking landscape images and movies, according to the publication’s sources.

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At least since September, when MacRumors revealed that the functionality was being developed, there have been rumor’s of a new camera button. The Information, however, claims that the button will be mechanical like a traditional button with additional capacitive features that make it both touch- and pressure-sensitive. This will allow users to swipe left and right to control the camera’s zoom or lightly press it to focus on a subject. MacRumors had claimed that the button would be capacitive, meaning it would simulate a press with a vibration.

The button is reportedly being tested for integration with the whole iPhone 16 series, which includes both ordinary and Pro versions, according to The Information and MacRumors. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg also reported on the potential addition of a new camera button to phones.

The camera button would be the second new button to appear on the iPhone in as many years, if it is released. The conventional mute switch, which is often located on the left side of the phone, was replaced with a new (mechanical) Action Button when the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max were launched last year. This button is intended as a general-purpose shortcut button that, by default, modifies the phone’s ringer settings, even though it may also be configured to shoot pictures. According to MacRumors, this year the action button might also go to capacitive.

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Apple wouldn’t be the first company to produce smartphones with a dedicated camera button. For instance, Sony has been shipping these with its Xperia cellphones for years. However, it would be a noteworthy addition to some of the most well-liked cellphones available right now. For the first time, Apple apparently surpassed Samsung to ship the most smartphones worldwide last year.

Apple may alter its plans for the iPhone 16 series, before they are revealed in September, even if the company is presently testing the feature. Widespread rumor’s surfaced last year that the company was thinking of replacing the mechanical action, power, and volume buttons on the iPhone with capacitive ones, along with the then-rumored action button. However, the plans were apparently shelved after the feature didn’t meet Apple’s requirements.

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