Switchbot Hub 2 Review: An Essential Smart Home Device

SwitchBot Hub 2
My favourite smart home device used to be the SwitchBot Hub Mini, but that is no longer the case. Switchbot Hub 2 is here.
In a nutshell, the SwitchBot Hub 2 transforms most IR-controlled devices into smart gadgets. It accomplishes this by learning and replicating the IR signal from your remote control. In contrast to the previous model, the Hub 2 measures and shows room temperature, humidity, and lighting. Because it is WiFi enabled, all data and the remote control are accessible from anywhere.
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Up Graded

The SwitchBot Smart Hub Mini was one of their best-selling products on Amazon, if not the best-selling product. Over 40,000 people have rated it. Surprisingly, SwitchBot also sold a thermometer/hygrometer combination gadget. Essentially, they merged the Hub and the Thermo Hygrometer to produce the SwitchBot Hub 2.
In contrast to the Hub 1, this version is matter supported and thus compatible with Apple Homekit. It also includes temperature/humidity/light scheduling and automation.
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Thermo-hygrometer Sensor

The Hub 2 not only measures the temperature and humidity in your room, but it also transmits the data to you over WiFi. This allows you to monitor changes in your indoor environment, such as temperature, humidity, and lighting.
You can set up many automations because the gadget and data are linked to Google Home or Alexa. For example, if the humidity in your room goes below 30%, you can instruct your humidifier to activate and humidify the space. Controlling air conditioners is another example. There are numerous applications.
To my surprise, the thermal hygrometer sensor was not included with the product. It was instead incorporated into the power cable (USB C). So, in order for the temperature and hygro sensor to function, you must utilise SwitchBot’s cable.
Wide Infrared Remote Compatibility
This is my favourite function. I’ve converted three of my dumb IR remotes into smart ones to this day.
SwitchBot Hub 2 is compatible with over 80,000+ infrared appliances and has a bigger signal area (twice as large as Hub Mini) to cover the entire room. And, thanks to Smart Learning, your hub can learn and mimic remote controls in as little as 5 seconds.


In contrast to Hub V1, this version has an e-ink display that indicates the temperature (in Celsius or Fahrenheit) as well as the humidity percentage. There are also two touch buttons, one for on and one for off.
The white backlit display is very appealing. It’s a shame that the Hub 2 is only available in white, but the device looks great on your computer desk.

Some More Notable Features

  • Supports Bluetooth and WiFi – If your WiFi network is down, you can still control your devices using Bluetooth on your smartphone.
  • Apple Watch compatible.
  • Multiple ways to control – Voice, App, Schedule, Geo-Fencing, etc.
  • Use Geo-fencing to enable your home to perform tasks like automatically turning on your air conditioner and lights for you in advance when you are close to home.

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  • WiFi Thermometer & Hygrometer
  • Measures illumination as well
  • Turn any IR remote into a Smart remote
  • Aesthetic Display
  • Scenes and Geo Fencing
  • Smartphone App
  • Supports Matter
  • Works with Google, Alexa and Siri

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