Office Furniture

About Project:

Here at HetroSolutions Resources, we can provide your company with the complete range of affordable office furniture, from desks and office chairs to a complete office fit-out. We can supply the very best quality office furniture from a range of manufacturers and we have the personnel to offer you succinct and worthwhile advice about the entire office furniture range.

Your employees of course spend the majority of their time sitting at their desks, so it’s extremely important that you provide them with the right, ergonomic office chair and desk in order to prevent them feeling uncomfortable, and also to avoid work-related strain and injuries. We can provide you with seating that has been ‘posture approved’.

We can help with all office furniture projects

We’ll do our best to help you create a consistent corporate image across all your sites – one that will really impress your clients. Our interior designers can offer you a free consultation, and will work with you to create designs that you’ll be exceptionally pleased with.

Executive Class Furniture

Executive class furniture with Modish features, ideal for any executive office environment. Executive Class Furniture Scheme includes

  • Desking and Storage
  • Seating
  • Reception


SOHO Furniture

Small office or Home office furniture suitable for use in multiple office environments at a competitive price. SOHO Furniture scheme includes

  • Desking and Storage
  • Seating
  • Bistro
  • Reception

Reception And Desking Furniture

Reception and desking furniture with a modish touch, offering flexibility which allows use in multiple office environments at a competitive price. Reception and desking furniture scheme includes

  • Desking and Storage
  • Seating

Why choose HetroSolutions Office Resources for your Office Furniture?

  • All tasks considered, from a basic office to break out areas
  • Complete ‘blue box’ delivery within forty-eight hours
  • Supervisory Solutions Flexible solutions for hot-desking