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About Project:

The modern office is full of electronic and computer equipment, as most modern offices need more than just a printer. Thankfully, most printers these days do more than just print. Usually they can perform scanning and copying duties as well, and have the capability to deal with being in almost constant use.

Multi functional devices (MFDs) supplied by HetroSolutions Resources come with an extensive range of capabilities, which allow them to take on a key role within your office environment.

If you elect to use an MFD within your office, you can lower the costs and environmental impact of printing plus they save you from the necessity of using and maintaining three separate machines.

Why choose HetroSolutions Office Resources for your Multi-Functional Devices?

  • Obtain the latest MFDs with extra functional capabilities including scanning, copying and electronic storage.
  • Spread the cost of your printing, and pay only for the copies that you print
  • Never run out of toner – our MPS service alerts us when your toner supplies fall below 25 percent
  • Get great quality printing – create your own marketing leaflets and posters up to A3 in size
  • Multiple paper trays (up to four) – save time by not having to switch paper
  • Additional features available such as auto-folding and auto-stapling means you can create your own booklets
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