Petoi Bittle – A STEM Robot Dog the Size of a Palm

Petoi Bittle robot hetro solutions

The Petoi Bittle Robot is a palm-sized robot dog designed for entertainment but also acts as a STEM tool. Petoi, a startup firm whose main purpose is to create simple, inventive pets, created it.


The Bittle robot dog walks, does tricks, and rolls around in the same manner as a live dog. It is designed to maneuvers on a variety of terrains. You may teach it new talents and make it remember different patterns.

Bittle can also be utilized in STEM teaching. It’s an excellent tool for teaching and researching STEM projects. It also makes an excellent gift for a family member or close friend. The robot dog, on the other hand, is not a toy for tiny children. Parental supervision is advised when children play with it to avoid harm or damage.

Petoi Bittle robot hetro solutions

When you order the Petoi Bittle Robot, it will arrive as a kit that you must assemble before the robot dog can come to life. The framework, a case, numerous servosystems for controlling the robot’s head and legs, an Arduino NY Board, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi components, and a battery that can last up to 60 minutes of intense activity are all included in the package. An infrared remote is also supplied to control basic movements. Simply follow the instructions to properly build the kit.

Petoi Bittle robot inside



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