Discovered Deep-Sea Octopus and Its Adorable Alien Children

Newly Discovered Deep-Sea Octopus and Its Adorable Alien Children hetro solutions

Newly Discovered Deep-Sea Octopus and Its Adorable Alien Children discovery of four hitherto unidentified deep-sea octopus species near hydrothermal springs. On the ocean floor has been made by a group of scientists operating off the coast of Costa Rica. Also connected to the springs were two octopus nurseries that belonged to the recently-named dorado octopus. Muusoctopus, a deep-sea genus, is what the researchers concluded the dorado octopus belongs to.

A glass octopus sighting hetro solutions

The team is still describing three of the new species, with the dorado octopus being the only one imaged and named in a recent Schmidt Ocean Institute release. The ROV SuBastian captured photographs and video of the animal’s underwater habitat. Click through to see some of the otherworldly scenes taking place at the bottom of the sea.

A brooding ball pit

Newly Discovered Deep-Sea Octopus ball pit hetro solutions

A mother octopus’ work isn’t finished until the bitter end. Octopuses do not eat while brooding, and they die around the time their eggs hatch. Self-sacrifice produces the next generation of octopuses. Here is a field of dorado octopuses. The researchers believe that octopuses face their tentacles outward to deter predators looking for an easy meal.

A glass octopus sighting

A glass octopus sighting hetro solutions

The researchers were taken aback when they discovered a glass octopus (V. richardi). During the most recent expedition; the photo seems to show two octopuses. The scientists are unsure if the two cephalopods were copulating or if one was feeding on the other, according to the Schmidt Ocean Institute. One of the recently found species is not the translucent octopus.

Brooding octopuses

Brooding octopuses New species Discoverd hetro solutions

No, they aren’t acting aloof. The dorado octopus mother here is getting ready for her eggs to hatch.

A brooding mother

A brooding mother New Spices hetro solutions

The detail of a female dorado octopus’s suckered tentacles curled up. Around her mantle is visible in this close-up shot,

A hatchling

A hatchling Hetro Solutions

This hatchling octopus is swimming in the depths off Costa Rica for the first time. The dorado octopus species gets its name from El Dorado Hill, an underwater mount, where the animal laid its egg.

A hatchling and its soon-to-be brethren

A hatchling and its soon-to-be brethren

A breathtaking image of a newly emerged octopus hatchling attached to a rock on the Tengosed Seamount near Costa Rica.

Shrimp on a carcass

Shrimp on a carcass Hetro Solutions

A few prawns nibble on the lifeless body of a female octopus in this horrible image, which apparently laid her eggs, stopped feeding and eventually perished.

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