These terms and conditions deals with the affiliate program. All the business policy for the affiliates are described in these terms and conditions. As registered affiliate you agree to abide by the terms and conditions. Please carefully and thoroughly read the terms and conditions given below.

This program to earn commission on products purchased by individuals referred to the HetroSolutions products by your website or direct referrals. By signing up to the HetroSolutions Affiliate program you accept to agree to the HetroSolutions  terms and conditions.

To link advertisements and other marketing material to HetroSolutions, HetroSolutions will provide the Affiliate with particular reference links. HetroSolutions will use cookies that expire after 12 hours to monitor customers who have visited these Referral Links. Only users who make a purchase while the cookie is active will be treated as Affiliate referrals and recorded in the Affiliate Dashboard as such.

The Affiliate is not permitted in any manner to modify or modify the Referral Links or cookies. HetroSolutions is not liable for any monitoring or reporting mistakes that may result from any changes to the reference link or cookies.

An eligible referral will become eligible for payout from 10 to 20 of the month if it meets all of these criteria:

  • All the payouts will be done when the order is completed.
  • The basis of the referral is still active and in good standing.
  • The referral account has not reimbursed, paid back or otherwise reversed any of its payments.

Unless these requirements are met, the referral will be permanently void and the referral will be disqualified from any prospective payouts.

The Affiliate has the right to obtain a one-time payment of 50,000 PKR for each active Eligible Referral recorded in the Affiliate Dashboard. Affiliate Fees will be payable only when the Affiliate has at least 3500 PKR as pending payout. The affiliate can withdraw money twice a month.

All Affiliate Fee payments will only be payable in Pakistani Rupee, except as otherwise determined in its sole discretion by HetroSolutions. Payment will be produced through Bank-Pakistan through HBL Konnect or any bank transactions. The Affiliate is liable for offering

HetroSolutions with the complete and precise information (Full Name, CNIC #, Mobile # and Referral Panel HetroSolutions Screen Shot) needed to pay the Affiliate Fees and is exclusively liable for any delays in payment arising from its inability to do so.

After 12 calendar months, referrals will be void and any unpaid affiliate fees will be forfeited.

HetroSolutions may delay the payment of Affiliate Fees by up to 6 calendar months in the case of any activity considered suspicious by HetroSolutions to check the appropriate transactions. HetroSolutions reserves the right to recalculate, cancel or disqualify any referrals or affiliate fees in the event of any activity that is fraudulent, deceptive or otherwise illegal.

Referrals are not eligible for payout for purchases created through advertising or unique offers on HetroSolutions.

Affiliate Responsibilities

  • The Affiliate is accountable for offering complete and precise program enrollment data and maintaining the profile data up-to-date. Failure to provide precise data may lead in one of the following: exclusion from the program, suspension or termination of the affiliate account, forfeiture of any commissions.
  • The Company reserves the right to contact the Affiliate and request additional information regarding all websites where the Affiliate promotes HetroSolutions and the promotional practices used by the Affiliate to which the Affiliate is required to provide truthful and detailed information. Failure to provide precise and truthful data when required by the Company may lead in the suspension or termination of the Affiliate account and forfeiture of any commission.
  • The Affiliate should behave in good faith in its affiliate procedures and refer clients in good standing.
  • If the Company detects a trend in the procedures used by the Affiliate that results in referring clients who are not in good standing, the Company reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Affiliate account and not pay commission payments due by the Company to the Affiliate.
  • The Affiliate should not take action or make suggestions to its referrals resulting in a potential loss of income for the Company. If the Company detects a pattern in the methods used by the Affiliate resulting in possible income losses, it reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Affiliate account and forfeit payments.
  • The Affiliate should not use copyrighted or copied third-party content on their websites hosted by HetroSolutions on behalf of their referrals or promote their referrals without the author’s consent. The Company reserves the right to suspend all accounts referred by the affiliate containing copyrighted or directly copy & pasted third party materials, to suspend the affiliate account itself and to maintain any affiliate fees.
  • The Affiliate should only use advertising materials authorized by the Company. Any material not formally supplied through the Affiliate User Area and not solely approved in written form by a representative of the Company shall be considered unapproved. The admissible advertising material may comprise trade names, service marks and/or logos for display on an Affiliate site from HetroSolutions. Subject to the terms and conditions hereof, the Affiliate shall be granted a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access and download such promotional material and other designated promotional material for placement on the Affiliate Site for the sole and exclusive purpose of promoting websites owned, operated or controlled by the Company. The Affiliate agrees to collaborate completely with the Company in the use of promotional material to create and retain authorized promotional material.